Oil Pastels…

Parents, I sent home with your child a note that says they will be needing oil pastels for tomorrow, Friday, 11/30/18. Any brand is fine. Please be sure the box says OIL PASTELS. Blessings. 

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Image result for oil pastels

Image result for oil pastels

Image result for oil pastels

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Christmas Dance

Parents and students here is the dance we are practicing in class.  Please be sure to practice EVERYDAY at home. More information to come later about outfits and  date/time. Blessings!


Hello parents!

Some of you have been asking me about which bible is required for the class, so here is a picture of it so you may compare it 🙂 The ISBN number is 978-1-59982-788-9. 

God Bless, 

2nd Grade

Image result for saint mary's press bible

Image result for saint mary's press bible

Credit: The catholic toolbox.



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Parents please remember that this Saturday, MAY 19, 2018 the students will be performing at the carnival. Please mark your calendar! We will meet by the stage area at 10:45 am. Please remember to be on time and that your child has practiced this dance for you for over a month. Both your child and I would be so happy if you came by and saw their performance. 

Also, all girls need to purchase a belly dancer belt. They look something like the picture below: 

Related image

Related image

Please be sure to also wear the appropriate clothes. 

BOYS: Black shorts with White Shirt

GIRLS: Black shorts with black shirt PLUS their belly dancer belt

Thank you! 

Rainy Days…

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Parents this is a reminder that when we have rainy days at school please remember that other parents also want to pick up their children, therefore, please be patient as their will be heavy traffic by foot and by car. Please remember that you need to get out of your car and pick up your child all the way to where he/she may be waiting. Thank you 🙂 


Miss. Rueda

Winter Homework Packet!!!


Hello parents, 

I have sent home with your child today his/her WINTER HOMEWORK PACKET. Please have your child practice this during the break so they do not loose practice over their weeks off. If you have any questions please email me as soon possible. The packet will be graded, if your child does not do the packet they will get no credit for it. 

Hola padres,

A hoy e enviado a casa con su hijo/a  su TAREA DE INVIERNO. Por favor, haga que su hijo/A practique esto durante el descanso para que no pierda su práctica durante las semanas de descanso. Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta, no dude en enviarme un correo electrónico lo antes posible. El paquete será calificado, si su hijo/a no completa el paquete no recibirá crédito por ello.

God Bless, 

Miss. Rueda

Christmas Songs

Hello parents and students,

Here are the 2 songs we will be performing for the Christmas Program.

Please have your child practice the hand motions for the song “IT’S ABOUT THE CROSS”. They need to know those hand motions for the performance.

For “I’M THE HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS TREE” students need to memorize the song.

please see the videos below:



Please have your child practice, practice, practice 🙂 We are also practicing in class. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

God Bless

Christmas Program!!!


Hello parents and students,

Tomorrow I will be sending out the letters that give more information on what we will be doing for the Christmas Program here at the school. Date to remember: December 21, 2017. More information with what the students will need to wear and which student will do what is coming tomorrow! PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK YOUR CHILD’S AGENDAS SO YOU CAN SEE THE INFORMATION. 

God Bless,

2nd grade


Food Drive…

Hello parents and student,

It is that time of the year where we need to give more than anytime of the year. We need to give in the time of giving to those most in need. Remember that we need to be thankful for the blessings Jesus has given us and what better way to show how grateful we are than by sharing a meal with those most in need. In class we have been learning about gratitude and being thankful by giving to those in need. 

We are having a food drive at school for this week and in our 2nd grade class we will be collecting the following items. PLEASE SEE THE FLYER…..

Also, please make sure ALL FOOD AND HYGIENE ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW, NEVER USED OR OPENED. Please be generous and make sure your child brings something everyday to school. I will have the baskets in the classroom for them to put their items. 

Thank you for your generosity.


Here are some examples too: 

God Bless,

2nd Grade


Hispanic Heritage Project…

Hello parents and students,

here is a copy of the project sheet that was sent with the students on Monday. If your child has not done their project remember that it is due tomorrow. Late projects will not be given full points, points will be lost.


Excited to see everyone’s projects tomorrow! 🙂 🙂

God Bless