For Students

Hello, Students! 
Here are some of the things for you to have as a reference in case you happen to forget throughout the school year! 😉
—SLE’s — Remember that as a Catholic student, you need to remember if the actions you are doing are making you a Disciple of God? a Diverse Individual? A Responsible Citizen? and a Life Long Learner? 
—W.W.J.D? What Would Jesus Do? YES! exactly what would he do is the question you need to remember. 🙂 Would Jesus do some of the actions you are doing? Remember to think before you act and think twice before you speak. 
—HOMEWORK: Homework should be done and turned in on the day that I (the teacher) give to you (student) to turn in. Late homework will loose points.
—PROJECTS: When given a project, students are to turn it in on the date that it scheduled to be turned in. Any late projects will loose points.

4 thoughts on “For Students

    • Hello,
      the project that will be due on the 31st of May is their Asian-Pacific Islander Authors. He was given a packet with instructions and with the author he was going to have to research. He has to do it on a poster board and turn it in on the 31st. The packet was given to the class about 3 weeks a go. Please come see me after school if he lost his packet so I can give him a new one with a new author 🙂

      God Bless + +


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